Just How Much S01/Ep5

In this episode I talk about just how much pricing is an integral part of our Creative Businesses and important factors guiding it.

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Recognition and Credits S01/Ep04

Today I talk about recognition and credits and emphasize how important it is for creatives to gain this.

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There are a lot of other reasons why we need recognition and credits are important.

In the same way, there are a lot of other ways you can gain the recognition and credits you deserve.

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Let’s continue this conversation, it’s not over yet!

Our Art festival comes up this month! YAY!!!

Insurance and your Creative Business S01/Ep3

In this episode, I talk about insurance and your creative business and  types of insurance.

I also talk about one type of insurance that suprisingly is not regarded as such.

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Inasmuch as this is important,it is given little to no attention especially here in Nigeria.

Knowing that we creatives usually have equipment that cost a fortune can influence our decision on this.

It’s also important to note that being optimistic is not wrong but failure to plan for the rainy day is wrong.

It’s also important to note that being optimistic is not wrong but failure to plan for the rainy day is wrong.

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 Risk Mitigation  and  9 Lessons Every Creative Business should Learn From the Black Panther Movie. 

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Disclaimer: Please check with your Insurance Specialist or any of the insurance compaies you can get to as I am not an Insurance Specialist.


9 Lessons Every Creative Business Should Learn From the Black Panther Movie

Following the buzz about the Marvel Studios blockbuster movie titled: Black Panther, I couldn’t help but put down something worthwhile for the Creative Business Owner. It’s simply called riding the tide.

It’s a movie right? However it has tons of lessons for us creatives. Here, I have talked about only nine obvious lessons. Listen here:

I only mentioned one of the months in which black history also known as African American history, is celebrated which is February. At this time, it is celebrated in the United States and Canada.

The second month it is been celebrated is in October and it is celebrated in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

This celebration is held annually in these countries.

Special thanks to  Wikipedia  you can learn more about Black history month by clicking on the highlight in this post.

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Risk Mitigation

In this episode, I discuss risks and risk mitigation and why it is important to handle risks.

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Risks are inevitable in our creative businesses, however the ability to identify them, measure them and tackel them gives your creative business a better chance of survival.

Copy  the risk measurement table below.



Disclaimer: Check with your risk consultants or specialists for proper information on risk mitigation. What I have on this podcast is purely based on my personal findings.


How Supporting the SDGs can be beneficial to your Creative Business

In this Episode, I talk about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the benefits of supporting them and how creatives in business can begin to apply their businesses to the SDGs.