Who We Are?

ColourSpree is a Creative Social Enterprise like no other, the Hub for creatives by creatives where we make things happen!

ColourSpree fosters your growth, creativity and professionalism as a young or emerging creative, with a brand building approach, using dynamic methods that yield fulfilling results in the long run by functioning as a platform that creates opportunities that would help you overcome day-to-day challenges in your creative practice whilst being a one-stop-shop for your clients.

Why Choose Us?

When you win, we win!

We can’t help it, the world is eager to experience your creativity.

With hundreds of Creatives like you who have been able to find the right start for their creative careers with our help and are growing fast on a strong platform, getting the right kind of representation, and a team of experienced professional creatives eager to mentor/coach you, it is clear to see that we have your interest at heart and seeing you excel, reach new frontiers and achieve your professional goals, gain world-class recognition and build sustainable creative businesses, only make us more of who we are and what we do.

We cannot wait to get you started on this exciting journey.

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So, what are you waiting for?

The difference between a mere creative and a globally recognized creative is your decision. While business as a creative can be sloppy, the game changer is right here.  Waste no time, get started right a way.