Baraxana Arts Festival

Baraxana Arts festival is a multidisciplinary show off of creativity that drives socio-economic impact through arts and creativity and spotlights Nigerian Art & Culture/ Contemporary Nigerian Art, African Arts/Cultures/Contemporary African Arts through Visual Arts, Fashion and Design and Performing Arts, whilst being an avenue for young artists, to show off their mastery.

Baraxana; pronounced /ba: – ra: – za:- nah/ means to show-off.

Slated to hold annually, Baraxana Arts Festival is a healthy environment that promotes creative/cultural  knowledge exchange in its rich artistic ambience.

It focuses on building both the career path of the artist and showing off the diverse cultures in Nigeria/Africa and aims to be the first of its kind, in building a robust inclusive creative economy by reaching out to all Africans, Descents and Art Enthusiasts around the world, to share in it’s rich experience and take advantage of the opportunities it presents.

It is a mobile festival with a practical message that Art, is kinetic and productive.